Participants consistently comment on the robust and innovative nature of Performance Dimensions and the ease with which it can be applied to real life situations.
Kathy Hilyard, Managing Director, People & Strategy

Performance Dimensions

Managing the performance of staff is arguably one of the most complex and challenging aspects of leadership. It is often a balancing act – balancing direction with empowerment, delegation with control, engagement with expedience, relationships with organisational imperatives. One thing is certain; very few of us have mastered the art of managing performance.

What is Performance Dimensions™?

The Performance Dimensions™ Framework is designed to build capacity for effective management of organisational, team and individual performance. The Framework is used to assist managers and teams to analyse:

  • The extent to which the team(s) and individuals are clear and agreed about expectations in terms of outcomes, outputs, behaviour, processes, client and stakeholder expectations and time-frames.
  • The extent to which the team(s) and individuals review and evaluate performance, feedback is sought, exchanged and acted upon.
  • Motivational factors that impact upon performance - both intrinsic and extrinsic aspects.
  • The match between expectations of quality, quantity and appropriateness and the systems, structures and resources available and in use.
  • The team atmosphere and culture and the extent to which staff, managers and colleagues support each other to perform.
  • The capacity and confidence (including skills, knowledge and expertise) of the team(s) and individuals to perform to the standards expected.

Performance Dimensions

Performance Dimensions™ is a unique and robust diagnostic framework. The tool has been tested with over 20,000 managers and countless staff in many different public and private sector environments. Participants are introduced to the diagnostic tools of the Performance Dimensions™ framework to assist them in understanding and planning to create or maintain a high performing work environment.

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Tools available include:

  • Team and individual performance diagnostic tools (paper-based and self-paced)
  • Performance improvement planning booklets - self, team, staff member
  • On-line Performance Environment Analysis - 360 degree analysis and report
  • Organisation Performance Environment Revew
  • Team performance review faciltiated sessions using PD tools.

For more information about Performance Dimenions™ including how you can become an Accredited Facilitator or to have one of our consultants discuss the various tools and options available contact us.

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